Taken by North Korea and considered
just after Megumi was abducted.

Megumi was born in 1964 as the first child of Shigeru & Sakie Yokota in Nagoya. Because Shigeru was working at Bank of Japan, the Yokota moved many places.
When Megumi was a 6th grader, they moved from Hiroshima to Niigata.
They had never seen the Sea of Japan, which faces Russia, China, and the Korean Peninsula.
So, they rushed to the shore to look at the sea as soon as they could go. At that time, nobody could imagine that Megumi would be split away and kept in the other side of that sea.
On November 15th 1977, Megumi suddenly disappeared on her way home from school after badminton practice. She was just chosen to the reinforcement team of Niigata City.
An extensive search for her continued but in vain. They had been distressed.
"Why was she gone? What happened to her? Is she still alive or ..." Twenty years had passed without any knowledge of the whereabouts of their missing daughter.
In January 1997, Megumi's parents were suddenly informed of a surprising fact about her. Their beloved daughter was abducted to North Korea by their agents and lived in Pyongyang. Their struggle had just started.
10 years have passed. Despite their great effort, they have not succeeded in rescuing their daughter yet. But they will never give up fighting, till their girl is back in their hands.