Photo Exhibit

- At Photo Exhibit at The Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art -


We feel somewhat embarrassed about showing these run-of-the mill family photos which are no different from those found in family photo albums all over the world. Moreover, apart from suddenly being taken away from us as a victim of a violent state crime by North Korea, Megumi was not in any way a child who stood out from others.
Nevertheless, we decided to exhibit these photos because we wanted others to become aware of the crime and to underline how, just as all children are precious to their families, she remains an irreplaceable and precious part of our family.
After 29 heartrending years, the daughter we loved and cherished remains under captivity in North Korea. Megumi appears to be unhappy and tormented in photos that were taken there. Our daughter was bright and cheerful but she looks forlorn and hopeless in the photos. How lonely, frightening and difficult life must be for her.
What has sustained us in our campaign throughout the years has been our desire to have our child safely returned to us. We want Megumi and all victims of abduction to be returned to their families without delay so that, even without campaigns like ours being undertaken, all the victims can safely return home to the peaceful lives they previously enjoyed.
(Shigeru Yokota / Sakie Yokota)