Asagao-no-kai have held photograph exhibition of Shigeru Yokota titled "A Message from Little Megumi and Her Family" in New York from March 13,2008 to the 24th. In the opening reception, the video message by Mr. and Mrs. Yokota for this exhibition was introduced, then we, Asagao-no-kai, appealed to all of the participants to save Megumi as soon as possible, expressing our hope "We want you to feel this serious question of human rights to be Yokota familiar through this photograph exhibition". The photograph moved various generations of parents and child to the sympathy with hope of urgent solutions for the problem.

1 , Poland , 50-59 , Male
terrible , it is realy big tragedy ,so sorry .I have doughter , and I understand.

2 , USA , 30-39 , Male
I just learned about megumi and the other obductions when i saw a documentery last week.I was moved by it.I feel for you and the other families and most of all the loveones oabducted.I know they said shes dead but i dont believe that for a second.As i know you dont either.Im upset and angered that our government doesnt seem to be behind you on this.I know politics is a fine line but i think they should be doing more to help.I hope you get your daughter back and i want you to know that just because our government doesnt seem to care that they dont reflect my position and im sure thereis many others here that feel the same way.never stop trying as im sure you and the other famalies wont.bless you all and i hope this all ends soon

3 , USA , 40-49 , Female
I was so very touched by this true story. And could not imagine the unbearable pain that you both must feel! I just want you to know that I will be praying until I find out that you have been somehow reunited with your daughter once more! I truely wish that I could e-mail you,but I just don't know how!?!
I want you to know God will help you,& He loves you both so much, & Megumi too, also her brother.
Prayer is extremely powerful!!!!!!!!! And so is our God!!!!!! He won't let you down ever!!!!!!
God loves you & so do I !!!!!!! In His Love.

4 , USA , 40-49 , Female
I just finished watching a documentary about your daughter and your struggle. I am sitting here in a land very far away from you, and with no other connection to you but the images on a TV screen -- and yet I feel your pain so strongly, that the tears are streaming down my cheeks and I feel as though I will never be the same again.
I have just written an email to President Obama asking for his support for your issue, and I wish you all the peace in the world, and every consolation. Bless you.

5 , USA , 60 or Over , Male
As a U.S. citizen who values the contributions of people from all cultures, I know that all people have special feelings for their families of origin. The only way this heartless conduct against a good family of Japan and/or other similiar families can be eased is for the gov't of North Korea to immediately repatriate those citizens that it has removed by stealth and force and do so in a timely manner. I do urge the North Korean Gov't to immediately carry out that action and without delay for any reason:

6 , Hong Kong , 20-29 , Female
To Sakie San , Hello My Name is Elsie Wong l come from Hong Kong l am Christian too Nice To Meet You Since l know your daugther situation for Fuji TV Internet news long times before And just finish to see about you & Mr.Yokota News ( 18 /11 ) So l found it this web site l hope try my best give support to you If future have chance l hope l can go to Japan Bless You & Prayer for you Because l hope try my best finish Our Lord give me for mission Also l grow up from broken Family background the situation was very bad let me have take action to suiccide many time before But l thanks for my Lord HE save my Life & have give me many graceful So l hope try my best give comfort , blessing & support to other people Tell you my dream l hope few years later l can go to Japan start to do Long-term Gospel Mission Because GOD & Me LOVE Japanese And my suffering exprience was passed so l can sharing to other & all Japanese know Pray for you & Peace with you One Care & Support You Hong Kong Christian
P . S . you can send email to me l will try my best use my action pray for you & Mr.Yokota

7 , USA , 50-59 , Male
After learning of this tragic story about your daughter, from the 'indepentdent lens' documentary, I want to tell you that you are extremely courageous and I admire you both greatly. You are in my prayers and I wish that one day, very soon, you can be reunited with Megumi. God bless you all.

8 , USA , 40-49 , Female
I am approximately the same age as your daughter and was raised in a modest, average home and family in the United States. As I looked at your family photos I was filled with emotion related to the similarities between your family photos and those from my youth--simple, happy, and to some rather mundane but looking at them is almost magical because they take me back to a time that was so pure and joyful. The tragedy that befell you and your daughter must not be overlooked or forgotten. No person or government has the right to intrude on a family, steal all that is precious to them, and leave them all forever scarred. I hope that you look at those pictures regularily and hold on to all that you once had and I believe will have again with your beautiful daughter, if not in this life, than in the next. Your fight to right an atrocious wrong is inspiring. You and your daughter and your entire family will be in my thoughts and prayers from this day forward. Don't give up and hold onto what no government will ever be able to completely steal from you--your memories will sustain you in your darkness moments, as I am sure they have sustained your daughter in hers.

9 , Mexico , 30-39 , Female
I forget to add to my comment that my family and I think very probably that Mr. and Mrs. Yokota daughter is by now the wife of an important North Korean official, this is the only logical reason for why she was not returned, because she is not dead of course, and if she was a regular citizen they had nothing to loose, because they just would tell her not to say nothing about her experience in North Korea.

10 , USA , 50-59 , Male
Your courage over the years is admirable. Your loyalty to your dughter is commendable. Thank you for standing up for justice and human rights throughout the world. Remembering those without voice is difficult and hard work. Few will do this and our world is less for that. Thank you for your humble actions.

11 , USA , 50-59 , Male
You need a website This website could link/send messages to the United Nations, Japan and Parliament and other nations and individuals who could influence North Korea. Also site for contributions.

12 , USA , 30-39 , Female
The story of your daughter has moved me to action. This unspeakable tragedy must end. Thank you for sharing your hearts. Know that God holds her close while you cannot.

13 , USA , 50-59 , Male
I watched for the first time about the story of the abuctions in theseventies. I was born in 1955 around the same age as some of the abducties would be now. When I heard that your daughter was only 13 years old it brought tears to my eyes. I cannot begin to imagine her fear,and anger of what was done to her, nor could I imagine yours. Sometimes I fear for this world and the way we treat each other. I believe that God put so many different kinds of people in this world as a test. A test to see how we can reach beyond those differences and treat each other with dignity, love, and kindness. I am afraid so many are failing this test. I wish that I had words to bring you comfort and peace. I pray that your daughter is alive, and has found some happiness wherever she is. You can be sure that she has never forgotten such two strong, loving parents as you. If she is no longer alive then she is free of her captures. She has been watching her family fight for her return and is utterly amazed at your determination and love for her. Either way you can be sure that she knows that she is loved. Perhaps in the end it will be our love for our children that will save this world from the horrible things that we do to each other. I heard your Megumi's voice and she sings like an angel. God Bless your Family.

14 , USA , 20-29 , Female
I am studying at the University of Iowa right now. I just watched "Abduction, Yokota megumi story" on TV. I left Japan on 1999 and I was embarrassed that how little I paid attentioned to this abduction issue. I was very touched by how Mr. and Mrs. Yokota has been working hard to get the truth out. I pray for you, your families, and Megumi-san. God be with you.

15 , USA , 19 or Younger , Female
The story of Megumi Yokata poked my entire heart. I sincerely hope that you are soon reunited with your daughter. I admire both of you (Mr. and Mrs. Yokata) for never giving up hope. I will never forget this story. I will never forget that the rest of these innocent people need to be returned home!

16 , USA , 40-49 , Female
I pray that you will see your daughter again.I admire your strength and dedication to your beautiful Daughter.May God bless you and continue to give you strength.

17 , USA , 30-39 , Female
I wish to send a message to Megumi's parents. I saw the video last night and as I sat and held my little 2 year old daughter I cried. My heart breaks for you and your stolen little girl. I do pray that Megumi is still alive and that somehow she finds happiness in every day. I hope by some miracle that she is able to come back to you and you can embrace her and all the pain be washed away. If I had money I would find a way to send it to you in hopes that it would help you find her and bring her home. I wish I could bring all the missing children across the world back to their parents. I do not know what I would do if my little one was to disappear. I remember in the film that Sakie said she was not a strong person. But she has to be to continue to get up and push herself to continue each day. I don't understand why anyone would hurt a child in any way. I hope you continue your seach and continue to have hope. Please know that you have a friend across the world praying for you and your family.

18 , USA , 30-39 , Female
I just watched the documentary about your daughter and the other abductees. I never heard about their story before. I cried a lot. All my thoughts are with you now and with Megumi. I'll pray for her, and I really hope with all my heart she's alive and healthy. May all the truth comes out as soon as possible, for her and for you, I can't imagine how you must have suffered. I've been very touched by your pain. Be strong and don't stop fighting living hoping and enjoying every moment of your life because I'm sure that's all Megumi's wish. I'll talk about Megumi and the other abductees story to all my friends and to my family. I really hope all the good thoughts will make a pressure and will make all the truth comes out. It makes me sick when I hear about human beings being so mean. We are one people, one big community, humanity, we all know the same pains the same joys, we should be treating every other human being as a brother a daughter a son a mother... All my best thoughts to you, Mr. and Mrs. Yokota, to your sons, Megumi's brothers, and to all your family and the people grieving and missing Megumi. All my thoughts and best wishes also go to the other families of victims. Sincerely, with all my heart,

19 , USA , 40-49 , Female
Everything in life, good or bad, I feel is a journey God puts us on. It is how you handle the journey and how you inspire others around you who witness your journey. I watch over my children with fierce intent, vowing never to let anyone hurt them, But good hearted people live in a world together with evil that robs innocence every day-in one form or another. My heart breaks for you both that your beautiful daughter was robbed from you. Your courage is one of the most amazing acts of undying love I have ever seen. God be with you on this journey. Gods timing is perfect and I faithfully believe in his plan for us all. I and my children will pray to God for her speedy return and the protection of Christ over her while she is away from you. I will also ask God to send you peace and comfort to your hearts. Your union as husband and wife in this quest for Megumi is also loving and sweet. Love eachother and your sons....

20 , USA , 50-59 , Female
Your story has touched my heart. You are such kind and brave parents. I will keep your family in my prayers and I hope that Magumi finds her way home soon. Best wishes to you. From a mother in Ohio, U.S.A.

21 , Canada , 40-49 , Female
Your dignity and courage in the face of decades of suffering and not knowing is so poingnant. I grieve for you and pray that you will find the truth in your lifetime. You exemplify what it means to be a parent, Megumi would be so proud of you both.

22 , USA , 40-49 , Female
I am heartbroken to learn of your long struggle and the atrocity that has occurred. The photos I viewed are sweet and I can see the love your family shared. I hope you will be reunited with Megumi. Keep strong.

23 , USA , 60 or Over , Female
Stop messing about and get these people home before it's too late for their parents.

24 , USA , 30-39 , Female
Please accept my thoughts and prayers for your daughter's safe return or knowledge of her whereabouts. I just saw the movie "Abduction" in NYC today, and was moved to tears. I also hope that you may be able to visit your granddaughter and perhaps even have her live with you in Japan. In the meantime, I have donated money during this film showing and hope that the money will help you with your cause. In addition, I heard that your health is at issue-- please do not over-tax yourself so that you will be able to enjoy Megumi when she comes home to you-- take care of your health.

25 , USA , 30-39 , Male
Dear Asagaonokai, We recently had a chance to look at the photo exhibit on your website. We wanted to commend you on your hard work in conveying this beautiful family's life before and after their daughter's abduction. It truly shows what is at the heart of the matter in the case of Megumi Yokota. Although her case, as well as the others, has become highly politicized it is clear that at the center of the matter is this family's struggle to reunite. We have had the honor of meeting the Yokota family and we truly believe they are some of the most dignified and honorable people we've ever met. Let's hope their story will have a happy ending one day. Thank you again for helping tell it through this wonderful exhibit. Warmest regards, Directors, ABDUCTION The Megumi Yokota Story

26 , Israel , 30-39 , Male
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Yokota, My name is Uri Blau and I'm a journalist from Israel. I'm writing for Haaret'z daily newspaper ( I'm working on an articale regarding Megumi and other Japanese who were kidnnaped by North Korea. I made an interview with Mr. Shimada Yoichi from NARKN, and I would very much like to speak with one of you about your personal tragic story. My dead line for this story is near (Tuesday after noun, March 13th, Japan time) and I would be happy if you can contact me before. I hope to hear from you, Thank you very much.

27 , USA , 60 or Over , Male
We have a 6 year old grandaughter. Our pictures of her are like yours of your daughter Megumi at that age. Looking at your pictures makes me imagine how I would feel if our grandaughter were taken as your Megumi was. My mind whirls. Surely the purpose of civilization is that such things not appen. We've a long way yet to go. Good luck to you, and yours, in the fulfillment of your dreams.

28 , Australia , 60 or Over , Female
We really feel for you....we think this is a terrible thing to happen, we don't understand why the Japanese government can't act immediately and get her back. We pray that God gives you the strength to keep on fighting for her release. Very sympathetically.....

29 , South Africa , - , Female
I'm truly sorry to learn about the abducting of children. We have just moved to Japan (work related) and never had the opportunity to read or hear about this. My husband and I offer our deepest heartfelt and will keep you in our prayers. May the Almighty God grant you the opportunity to be united with your daughter and grand-daughter.

30 , New Zealand , 60 or Over , Male
So sorry to hear such a sad story. I can think of nothing worse than losing a child in this manner so sincere sympathy to you both.